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To be honest, I am still missing the ability to control Headamps via the Dante network between different Dante enabled devices. So the audio part seems to be pretty standardized and you can easily lock yourself onto a Dante stream. But what about the Remote control data (Gain, 48V phantom power, High Pass Filter)? Is it planned to integrate these data to the Dante protocol as well?

Network support for carrying the data to control adjustable parameters of any Dante-enabled device is already supported. Exposing this control to end users is the responsibility of the manufacturers of Dante equipment. In general, manufacturers will provide their own GUI software to adjust controllable parameters on their own products. The goal that Symetrix, Attero Tech, Stewart Audio, and Audio Technica have is to make control of all manufacturers’ products available in one GUI – in this case SymNet Composer. One GUI, full control of all products.

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