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Which PBX does the Symetrix VoIP card support?

Our products utilize SIP 2.0 to interconnect with VoIP servers. We found that while SIP is a standard, there are many variances in the way it is applied by VoIP providers. SIP 2.0 is a loose specification that allows the developers of SIP-based systems to make many decisions on features and functions. The consequence of this is that two SIP based systems can be completely SIP 2.0 compliant and completely incompatible.

We have gone to great lengths to optimize our solutions for market-leading providers. Symetrix’s VoIP Interface Card has been tested for interoperability with Cisco, Avaya, 3CX and Asterisk and we intend to continue to test interoperability with other systems.

Much of the setup and configuration of a VoIP system is out of Symetrix’s and the AV integrator’s control. This includes the configuration and components of the VoIP network. We will make every effort to support the configuration of our VoIP Interface Card but if there are issues with the VoIP Interface Card not functioning with systems for which we have not created a configuration tech note, we can provide guidance but troubleshooting will need to be done with the assistance of the enterprise IT department or telephony system provider and interoperability cannot be guaranteed. We are unable to assist with the configuration of VoIP PBX systems.

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