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  • xIO Stage 4×4 Dante Digital Snake

    Charlie Dyson, Quality and Component Engineer, explains the features of the all new xIO Stage 4×4.

    3:52 Watch Tutorial
  • WX Wall Controllers Overview

    Scott “Stu” Paterson, Technical Sales Engineer, explains the features of the all new WX Wall Controllers.

    2:30 Watch Tutorial
  • Composer 7.2 — Amplifier Monitoring

    Chris Painter, Senior Technical Support Engineer, explains the new Amplifier Monitoring feature in Composer 7.2.

    3:13 Watch Tutorial
  • Composer 7.2 — Change Unit Type

    Scott Paterson, Technical Sales Engineer, dives into the new Change Unit Type feature in Composer 7.2.

    2:43 Watch Tutorial
  • Composer 7.2 — Email Module

    Nic Danielson, Senior Technical Support Engineer, breaks down the new Email Module feature in Composer 7.2

    2:46 Watch Tutorial
  • Composer 7.2 Key Features

    Chuck Larson, Training and Special Projects Manager, gives a brief overview of a few of the newest features in Composer 7.2.

    2:02 Watch Tutorial
  • T-5 Touchscreen Table Mount

    This video provides instructions for assembling and disassembling the T-5 Touchscreen Table Mount.

    4:30 Watch Tutorial
  • Adding A Third-Party Supported Device

    This video provides instruction on adding third-party supported devices to a Composer site file.

    02:01 Watch Tutorial

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