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Symetrix Announces New T-5 Gen 2 Touchscreen Controller

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON — Symetrix continues its release of dynamic IP remote controls with the addition of the new T-5 Gen 2 Touchscreen controller to its product line.

“The T-5 Touchscreen Controller has enjoyed a successful first year in the Symetrix product lineup.  With the Gen 2 upgrade, which adds a modern look its electronic performance deserves, it will take an even stronger position in the Symetrix line-up of best-in-class system controllers,” says Symetrix CEO and owner, Mark Graham.

Cosmetic changes to the T-5, with removal of the external bezel, allow the T-5 Gen 2 to be utilized in an array of different spaces, while retaining the functionality of the original T-5.

Both the original T-5 and T-5 Gen 2 have a 5” capacitive-touch, LCD screen that mounts in US or EU back boxes which are equally comfortable mounted on the wall or in the optional desk stand. These options lend maximum flexibility to the design and placement of control end points. Restaurants, fitness centers, sports venues, hotels, and houses of worship can all benefit from touchscreen control in a wall application, while courtrooms and conference rooms enjoy the convenience of a desktop installation.

T-5 Gen 2

On-screen appearance is the bigger part of the story. Hi-res T-5 screens are developed in Composer software, where the designer will find a comprehensive toolset for manipulating images, text, and control objects for convenient workflow. Easily add logos, instructions, and backgrounds, create custom buttons and link multiple pages for increased capability and wider control. Completed screens are exported as SymVue files. Installing the finished screens into the T-5’s onboard storage is a very simple process. The batch function allows convenient exporting to a group of units.

The T-5 utilizes SymVue, the Symetrix technology used for creating customized Graphic User Interfaces. A SymVue screen interacts with a Composer DSP via direct network connection. This communication is nimble enough for live metering of audio signals, live previews of network video content, and real time control of any aspect of the AV system.

In addition to T-5, SymVue is available in Windows®, or web browsers supporting HTML5 (via Control Server). Mobile devices navigate to the Symetrix Control Server and log on to hosted SymVue pages. Identical layouts and screens can be exported to the T-5 and Control Server for a consistent look and feel across permanent and mobile controls. All command activity is managed by the DSP in real time, keeping all controllers in sync.

The T-5 Gen 2 Touchscreen Controller will begin shipping Q2 of 2020.


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