Processing and Control for Professional AV Installations

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON — Symetrix will unveil exciting new products in booth #B-3120 at this year’s Integrated Systems Europe February 11-14 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Following on the xIO Stage 4X4 Dante stage box that was introduced in late 2019, Symetrix continues its pipeline of new product introductions with a new series of wall controllers and the second generation of its popular T-5 Touchscreen controller.

“The Symetrix team has been intensely focused on developing an innovative pipeline of new products. Having just celebrated our first year with Symetrix, I am pleased with our progress and at ISE 2020 we begin to demonstrate the quality of our engineering team,” explains Symetrix CEO and owner, Mark Graham.

Part of the energy driving these new products is the Symetrix 2.0 philosophy. Founded in 1976, Symetrix has a well-deserved reputation in the industry for reliable products that deliver amazing sound. With new ownership in 2019 came a new direction for the future and a new way of doing business, affectionately known to the team as “Symetrix 2.0”. Symetrix 2.0 is all about innovation, focus and energy, building on Symetrix’s historic audio foundation.

Bringing this new energy to the ISE booth will include a seasoned team manning two demo stations focused on Symetrix’s new products and new approach to 3rd party device control and integration. Visitors to the booth will be able to see all the new Symetrix products live.

“We expanded our show presence this year and have accommodated more demo stations to focus on the new wall controllers, xIO Stage 4X4 and T-5 Gen 2, but also how all of these products work with our products like the Radius NX, Prism and Control Server. It’s exciting stuff,” explains Training & Special Projects Manager, Chuck Larson.