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Symetrix Chosen for Sun Signature Gallery Event Venue in Viet Nam

DesignLive Technologies Co., Ltd recently installed a premium AV system built around Symetrix’s Radius NX 12×8 for the Sun Signature Gallery. Located in the township of An Thoi, in Phuc Quoc, Viet Nam, the Sun Group is one of the largest real estate developers in Viet Nam. They developed the Sun Signature entertainment venue, which can accommodate up to 1,000 people, to host live shows, weddings, meetings, conferences, exhibitions, and art performances.

The objective was to create a venue with a high-quality sound system, that is both easy-to-use, and robust enough to meet international design standards to host top-tier events. The installation is a premium, high-end AV system that is capable of supporting different types of art performances, including professional entertainment. At the end of last year, Sun Signature Gallery was the main venue chosen by Sun Group to host large-scale events such as Christmas parties and a spectacular, gala event ushering in the New Year 2022.

We asked Phu Tran Pham, DesignLive Technologies Founder & CEO why they chose Symetrix products for the project. He explained, “First and foremost, we chose Symetrix for the superior quality products that have been built from 40 years of expertise for demanding, live performance applications. The system is flexible to switch on different modes of configurations and compatible to handshake to other sound systems when needed to maximize the system capacity and deliver an impressive audio experience to the audience.”

Symetrix products have flexible configuration and programming options that helped simplify the operations of the multi-purpose ballroom for both conferences and live performances. Phu added, “We selected Symetrix’s Radius NX because it has redundant Dante network connections for reliable system performance. We also installed a Symetrix 4 channel analog Input Card for the system. We wanted the assurance of quality products that would ensure lasting and stable system operations. We like that Symetrix products give us the ability to fine tune the system. We were able to configure multiple site files for different speaker configurations to give our customer the flexibility to adjust when needed. Our team can remotely control the system if support is needed. The new system requires less manpower to operate and was more cost efficient when all was said and done, making it a win-win for both end-users and our customer.

Symetrix offers high reliability products for studio quality music and sound with robust, reliable performance. As a bonus they have great and full, local after-sales support & technical engineering assistance from the distributor, Aligned AV Distributors in Viet Nam.”

DesignLive worked with Aligned AV Distributors to design the acoustic environment of the space. DesignLive has years of training and support from Aligned AV Distributors, ensuring delivery of a high-end result for the Sun Signature Gallery event space.

The most challenging aspect of this project was the requirement of extremely high-quality audio from the customer. DesignLive worked closely with Aligned AV Distributors and chose Symetrix products because of their proven track record in both audio quality and reliability. For this project, they had to ensure that the system could deliver high-end audio, was easy to use by the end-user, with an integrated control system, and that the customer could utilize different customized profiles depending on the type of event and specifications.

No matter what event has been held at Sun Signature Gallery, the superior audio system has been able to deliver results. The customer has commented numerous times on how easy it is to switch the system settings for all the different events they have hosted in the entertainment venue. “It’s been easy-to-use, and the audio quality has met our customer’s high standards of excellence,” stated Phu Tran Pham