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Symetrix Delivers Effective Processing, Eradicates Echo for Beijing High Court

Beijing, China – With responsibilities that include the live transmission/recording of court proceedings and the management of case-related documents, it stands to reason that no chances can be taken when it comes to the AV infrastructure of the Beijing Higher People’s Court. In this spirit, the Court – which is the most senior level of judiciary in the municipality of Beijing – recently pressed ahead with an audio system installation in which Symetrix DSPs play an integral role.

In delivering the best possible solution, the project entailed cooperation between two of China’s leading specialists in professional technology. Whilst distribution heavyweight and long-running Symetrix distributor EZPro was primarily responsible for supply and system tuning, the Beijing office of Shanghai Golden Bridge Info Tech Co., Ltd. served as systems integrator in charge of product purchase and system specification.

“EZPro has a very close relationship with Shanghai Golden Bridge Info Tech Co.,” reports Zhang Yangyang, the company’s sales manager for northern China. “When Shanghai Golden Bridge Info Tech Co. told us that they had a project that was in need of reliable and flexible DSP products, we recommended Symetrix – and it quickly became clear that their solutions could indeed meet the substantial requirements of the High Court’s Executive Command Center.”

With as many as 46 inputs and 14 outputs to manage, and frequent changes to the configuration, flexible routing and processing were critical. Support for the specified Audinate Dante network and provision for redundant set-up were other factors that ultimately led Shanghai Golden Bridge Info Tech Co. to specify three Symetrix SymNet Radius AEC open architecture Dante-scalable DSPs. These are used in conjunction with two SymNet xIn 12 expanders to ensure there is sufficient capacity available at all times.

“In the audio system, the large number of inputs made for a rather complex requirement for signal routing and control,” confirms Beijing EZPro systems engineer Mr. Fan. “However, with the choice of the Symetrix products, we have been able to group the input sources through the SymNet Composer software, simplifying the entire operation considerably.”

The selection of the Symetrix DSPs has also had another important benefit with regard to their inclusion of the AV industry’s lowest-latency acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) algorithm. This functionality is especially advantageous when video conferences are taking place between the Beijing Higher People’s Court and judicial bodies in other regions.

“The AEC function eradicates distracting echo and obtrusive noise while delivering pristine full-bandwidth audio to both near and far ends. It’s a really great feature for this kind of application,” says Zhang.

Staff are reportedly delighted by the performance of the audio installation at the High Court, which also features a number of other premium components, including an Allen & Heath mixer, Mission Pro power amplifiers and EAW column speakers.