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Symetrix DSP adds another touch of class to Hong Kong’s Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club

Hong Kong, China – Hong Kong is hardly lacking in top-tier destinations, but even by those standards the Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club is evidently something special. Located on the spectacular Clearwater Bay Peninsula, the members’ only venue has an impressive technological infrastructure and now boasts a high-end audio processing set-up thanks to the installation of a Symetrix Solus open-architecture DSP.

South China House of Technology Ltd (SCHOT) was enlisted to design and install the new processing arrangement, which was timed to coincide with a refurbishment and expansion of the main club house and restaurant areas. The Symetrix Solus DSP was ultimately supplied by regional distributor Soundclassy, whose director Chris Fung explains that the system had to fulfil several primary functions.

“First of all, it had to be able to undertake standalone audio matrix and processing duties for the club house and restaurant areas,” he says. “Secondly, it also needed to work seamlessly alongside the AMX AV technology that is being used by the Clearwater Bay club to control lighting, video, etc. Plus it had to be easy to use by the personnel, with a minimum of specialist knowledge required.”

Providing the necessary input and output count (16 in, 8 out), a sole Symetrix Solus 16 DSP was determined to supply the necessary processing capability. Symetrix ARC-2e wall mount controls have also been installed on-site for personnel to achieve alteration of basic parameters and presets. Meanwhile, the AMX NX-3200 NetLinx NX Integrated Controller is being used for more detailed adjustment of the venue’s audio and video systems.

“Several factors convinced SCHOT to opt for Symetrix,” says Fung. “The Symetrix brand is greatly respected, of course, and we were able to point to a number of other projects where the Solus had been used successfully. But they were also impressed by the good price/performance ratio of this DSP and, of course, the brilliant local support that Soundclassy can deliver!”

Axxent AX4120TS power amplifiers were among the other new equipment selected as part of the upgrade. Fung is delighted to report that the completed project has met with the full satisfaction of owners and staff: “They are very happy with the whole AV system.”