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Medellin Metro train in station

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Radius NX Elevates Powerful Communications for Iconic Medellin Metro

Within the web of a metro transit system, the installation and maintenance of sound systems is vital to enriching the passenger journey. These systems act as conduits for essential communication and ambiance, essential for the smooth operation of bustling transportation networks. However, the process of upgrading or replacing them is no small task. It requires careful planning and execution to mitigate disruptions to daily operations and can often take several years to complete.

The Medellin Metro System, in Medellin Columbia an integral part of the city’s public transit infrastructure. Upon its inception, the Metro brought a wave of enthusiasm from the public, marking a significant social and cultural milestone in the city’s history.

In recent years, commuters have witnessed tangible improvements in transit efficiency, with drastic reductions in travel times. What was a two-hour bus ride from Bello to Envigado is a mere 30-minute Metro ride. Such speed enhances mobility and connectivity across the city.

Standing as Colombia’s first and only rail-based Metro system, Medellin symbolizes progress and modernity while catalyzing tourism and business development within the region. Extending its reach across diverse urban landscapes, the Medellin system connects previously disparate neighborhoods, whilst also fostering socioeconomic integration.

As the city continues to evolve, so must its transportation infrastructure, with sound systems playing an integral role in this evolution. Recognizing the need for a reliable and adaptable solution to upgrade its aging sound systems, Medellin Metro embarked on a journey to modernize, turning to Symetrix for a comprehensive DSP solution.

Radius NX Transforms Communication

Starting with just a couple of stations, but eventually extending its reach to encompass all stations, the Medellin Metro is set to undergo a transformative upgrade with Symetrix Radius NX. This process will unfold gradually, as each station necessitates the update of its processor, particularly as the current one is discontinued.

“We needed a product that our client and our company felt safe to use,” explains Juan Fernando Montoya, UX Strategic Manager for Medellin. “Symetrix’s line of products is really good – the flexibility and structure from the Composer software of the Radius NX has enabled us to create a smoother transition between technologies.”

One of the primary challenges encountered during the gradual transition to Symetrix was the discontinuation of the current processor. This necessitated a shift towards familiarity with Symetrix Composer software and configuring the system to mirror the functionality of the previous processor. Moreover, ensuring seamless integration with the existing CUE control system was crucial to sustain uninterrupted operations throughout the transition phase.

Composer-Series DSPs Support Smooth Transition from Older Equipment

Initially appearing as a daunting challenge, the installation team discovered the transition to be smoother than expected. “The Symetrix processor has enough power and flexibility that there haven’t been any difficult challenges to worry about.” Fernando Montoya continues. “It is a very straight forward transition between two technologies and platforms.”

Radius NX has emerged as the sole approved processor for the Metro system and once fully implemented across all stations, it is expected to unlock major benefits. “The metro technology department has always been very careful in its innovation and renovation processes,” Fernando Montoya emphasizes. “We now have the peace of mind of knowing that this iconic subway system will continue to have a reliable, flexible and cost-effective platform for communication of announcements and ambient music.”

In the realm of transportation systems, the role of digital signal processing (DSP) cannot be overstated. The Medellin Metro System project marks a significant stride towards modernizing its sound systems and facilitating seamless integration of public address systems, while also contributing to the overall efficiency and safety of transportation networks.

Scheduled for completion within the next year or so, the Medellin Metro is primed to substantially elevate passenger experience while reinforcing the city’s dedication to resilience, progress, and interconnection.

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