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Symetrix Elevates AV Game for Alabama High School

Founded in 1959, Randolph High School in Huntsville, Alabama, stands as a distinguished educational facility, providing a vibrant and inclusive learning environment. The commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals is deeply ingrained, as students are not merely encouraged to excel in the classroom. They are also urged to adopt a comprehensive to their athletics program.

Central to this commitment is the school’s state-of-the-art football field, a dynamic arena where the spirit of competition and sportsmanship thrives. Recognizing the pivotal role of engaged audiences at sporting events, Randolph School places special importance on creating a captivating and immersive experience for students, families and the community at large.

The football field serves as a focal point for not just athletic prowess but also a hub for communal spirit and shared experiences. Through various events and activities hosted on the field, Randolph School aims to foster a sense of unity, further enhancing the overall educational journey for its students.

Enhancing the Experience with an Upgraded Audio System

However, the school recently encountered a challenge with its aging football field sound system and turned to Verta Technologies, a trusted collaborator from a previous gymnasium project, to provide a comprehensive solution. Tasked once again with designing and implementing an advanced audio system to meet the school’s standards, Verta needed superior sound quality and coverage and relied on Symetrix to be at the forefront of the solution.

The challenge became more intricate with the evolution of standards since the initial installation, that demanded coverage not only for the existing home and visitor sides, but also the newly added end zone section. To tackle these specific challenges, the Verta team curated a system featuring the Symetrix Prism 8×8 for robust DSP and control, the Symetrix ARC3 wall controller for seamless system management and Shure ULXD wireless receivers and transmitters for dependable audio transmission of clear vocals. This ensured that the installation not only addressed the immediate need for system replacement but also future-proofed the school’s audio capabilities.

“The system was designed with Symetrix as the backbone for DSP and control,” recalled Christian Tuttle, Principal CEO at Verta Technologies. “It was really streamlined, no issues whatsoever. The system is much easier to use now. They had this mix-and-match analogue system before. But now, we’re all about keeping it simple for them—fewer buttons, fewer things to worry about.”

Multiple Zones and Presets Empower High School Staff

The DSP seamlessly provided full zoning control, equipped with multiple presets specifically tailored for Randolph High School’s staff. This versatility was essential as the school now plans to use the sound system for regular events as well as activities on the football field, ensuring optimal audio performance across different scenarios.

The configuration also included three Onesystems 212.HC speakers for optimal sound reproduction, complemented by two Onesystems ONESP12.D speakers to effectively cover a wider area, and two Onesystems 108.HTC speakers for precise audio projection. To ensure robust power delivery, two Crown DCI 4|1250 amplifiers were seamlessly integrated.

Leveraging the diverse options provided by Symetrix DSP, the team found it remarkably easy to create various presets and configurations tailored for different audio sources. “The system is as touchless as any system really could be, even though they have the ability to control all their volumes, mutes, and on-off operation and everything,” Christian confirmed. “Our start-up event schedules typically get them to a place where they don’t have to touch a thing.”

Despite the project being considered straightforward by the installers, specific considerations were made to address the unique layout of the athletic field, covering multiple sections with varying audio requirements. The addition of new standards and zones introduced complexity, requiring a thoughtful design to ensure seamless coverage and performance across the entire stadium. However, the team managed to streamline the project efficiently, completing the entire stadium installation in just three and a half days.

Better Quality Audio and Easier to Use

The team’s proficiency, combined with the reliability of Symetrix, was instrumental in the project’s success. This synergy not only enhanced the ease of use of the new system but also contributed to the creation of a high-quality audio experience for sports events. Centered around cutting-edge Prism technology, the project extended beyond problem-solving to elevate the atmosphere of the football field. The new installation not only enriches the audio landscape, but also the engagement and enjoyment for future events and activities at Randolph High School.

“The entire process for this project unfolded seamlessly and the feedback has been amazing – the school is extremely happy,” concluded Christian. “I have never had a negative experience with Symetrix – working with them has consistently proven to be the best strategy for minimizing follow-up concerns and customer issues. To this day, Symetrix stands out as my preferred choice for various DSP needs – by and large, their products work the best from a stability, quality, and troubleshooting standpoint.”