Processing and Control for Professional AV Installations


Symetrix gives you more control from the same processor.
Reduce complexity in your AV system and eliminate the need for unnecessary hardware and programming.

Take control of your complete audio video system processing, programming and integration with cutting edge tools to design and display unique system control interfaces for elevated user experiences.

You’re not just IN CONTROL

Symetrix’s award-winning software, coupled with a deep toolbox of high-performance hardware, gives the tools you need to tackle any challenge brilliantly.


Take FULL CONTROL – Design, display and deploy tailored user experiences and system control solutions that meet the needs of your unique application


You have even more control over your AV system with the ability to leverage Lua scripting in Symetrix Composer Software. One solution, one number to call. Download Now. Program Today. No Fees.

With Symetrix, you’re IN CONTROL with out-of-the-box solutions

Symetrix’s award-winning software, coupled with a deep toolbox of high-performance hardware, gives the tools you need to tackle any challenge brilliantly.

No other DSP platform offers simple, straightforward system control via iOS, Android, or popular computer browsers.

Radius NX

  • Two models: Radius NX 4×4 and Radius NX 12×8.
  • Optional Dante 64×64 Dante module.
  • Optional AEC coprocessor module – up to 16 channels.
  • USB audio port enables soft-codecs + record/playback.
  • Dedicated routing resources for a 128×128 Super Matrix.
  • 4-port Gigabit Switch serves Dante + control networks.
  • Ultra-low noise preamps with 3 dB gain steps.
  • Support for Radius and Edge Expansion Cards.
  • Microsoft Teams Compatible.

SymVue control software offers total control with rapid GUI authoring – GUIs come to life in minutes, not days. ARC-WEB is an out-of-the-box virtual user interface of control presets for volume, mute & source selection, that is accessible from your smartphone, tablet or PC.


  • Rapid Composer-based GUI authoring.
  • Created and tested offline – no scripting required.
  • 3 Target Platforms: Control Server, T5, Windows.
  • Total control of colors, fonts, symbols, custom graphics.
  • Always in sync with ARC and 3rd party control systems.
  • Control Server version supports browser-enabled devices.


  • Virtual User Interface for Symetrix DSPs
  • User Control of Presets / Volume / Mute / Source
  • Access Via Smartphones / Tablets / PCs
  • Used With Radius / Edge / Prism / Jupiter / Zone Mix 761 DSPs

From our touchscreens to the networkable W-Series, Symetrix has a control option for every application.

W-Series Remotes

  • IP and PoE-based controllers
  • User-programmable displays for labeling and feedback
  • Configurations available in US and EU form factors
  • Simple and easy end-user control of the business audio system

T-Series Touchscreens

Symetrix touchscreens are ideal for houses of worship, conference rooms, auditoriums, hospitality—anywhere users need customized system management. Control screens can include any of the parameters needed, display customer branding, and provide easy-to-use buttons, sliders, and navigation for end-users.

Now you have even MORE CONTROL from the same Symetrix DSP

Control Software

Custom configurationof GUIs, presets,logic, security, and scheduling

Touchscreen Display

Design, display, and deploy tailored user experiences

Third-Party Device

Control non-Symetrix devices and create unique system features

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