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Symetrix Lends Audio Processing Edge to Leading Chinese Theme Park

Heilongiang, China –  Flexibility and reliability topped the list of requirements when systems supply and integration specialist EZPro International was engaged to design an advanced audio processing system for a popular indoor children’s theme park in China’s Heilongjiang Province. Located in Lesong Plaza in Harbin, Songsong Town was developed by Thinkwell Group and incorporates a host of attractions alongside relaxation areas, educational spaces, catering and entertainment.

A long-time Symetrix DSP user, EZPro was aware that products from the highly scalable SymNet range would be able to handle audio processing duties across two expansive floors. Taking advantage of the SymNet devices’ ability to support robust, Audinate Dante media networking, the resulting design covers no fewer than 11 sound reinforcement zones and specific tasks including: performances on two compact stages; background music in multiple zones; and switching between background music, lighting show music and paging in certain areas.

Duplicate specifications of one SymNet Edge and one SymNet xOut 12 output expander were deployed on the third and fourth floors, with the SymNet Edge devices each supplemented by one SymNet 4 Channel Analogue Input Card and two SymNet 4 Channel Analogue Output Cards. The SymNet expanders were selected to convert the Dante signals to analogue audio and distribute them to different zones within the theme park.

The ability to take advantage of multiple control options has long been regarded as a primary advantage of the Symetrix SymNet product family. In this case, EZPro elected to use the UDP network protocol to accept control from the A/V system — thereby handling paging, background music playback and assorted switching duties across various areas.

With GUI control devised by EZPro using Symetrix’ free SymVue software paving the way for straightforward system tuning and management by the venue personnel, the final design constitutes a robust and user-friendly DSP configuration. And the proof positive here is that the Songsong team is delighted by the results, with a representative commenting: “They offer us the functionality needed to run the entire venue of Songsong Town, and at the same time produce quality audio output. The system is not only reliable but also easy to use.”