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Symetrix Prism at the Heart of Bangkok’s YG Republique

Bangkok, Thailand – The latest addition to Bangkok’s vibrant network of eateries and nightclubs, YG Republique offers visitors the opportunity to eat, drink, and dance in the heart of the city’s nightlife district. Opened by Asian entertainment giant YG Entertainment Inc., YG Republique is a multi-floor, multi-venue complex, incorporating multiple distinct spaces including a restaurant, lounge, bar, and nightclub, all linked by a Symetrix Prism 16×16 DSP to ensure seamless and simple processing and distribution from one zone to the next.

With interests in music, event management, music publishing and more, YG Entertainment Inc. recently marked its 20th anniversary. It also has a substantial footprint in venues, including YG Republique’s unique injection of Korean culture into the Thai capital. Needless to say, only the best was good enough for the venue’s audio technology, and YG Entertainment engaged leading audio video integrator Fuzion Far East, led by Product Specialist & Project Manager Benjamin Walters.

Flexibility of audio processing and distribution was a crucial consideration, says Walters. “It was imperative that music from any venue can be sent to any other venue,” he offers. “This applies not just to background music, but also to the DJ and live band sets taking place in YG Republique’s club and pub areas.”

Walters and his team designed a powerful and comprehensive Dante-based audio network utilizing audio processing and management via a single Symetrix Prism 16×16 processor. The Prism’s 128 (64×64) channel capability is augmented by a Symetrix xOut 12 Dante expander for additional output capacity. Five Attero Tech unDX2IO Dante interface wall boxes handle inputs and outputs throughout the YG Republique complex, while ARC controllers provide easy and intuitive end-user operation. Quest loudspeakers and amplifiers are installed throughout the complex.

“Simply put, the Prism 16×16 and the xOut 12 Dante expander provide the quality and the number of outputs we required, and at a great price point,” says Walters. “With Symetrix ARC controllers installed on each floor, there is also a great flexibility of control over volume and other key settings.”

Walters reports a positive response to the overall system after the opening weekend. “The audio is of the highest quality and is flexibly processed and managed throughout – and of course the Prism is fundamental to achieving that.”