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Symetrix Prism Provides Flexibility for Major Thai Venue

Bangkok, Thailand – Already one of the hottest tickets in town, the 8 on eleven club in Bangkok has rapidly become one of the must-visit highlights of the Thai capital’s famously lively nightlife scene. Featuring bar, cafe/restaurant and club areas, the venue aims to restore a little of the traditional Soi spirit “with a modern industrial twist.”

Overseeing the design and specification of the audio system for the venue was a team from AV consultants Fuzion Far East, led by Product Specialist & Project Manager Benjamin Walters. “The concept changed somewhat over time,” he recalls. “Initially, we were going to design a massive nightclub system, but the hotel above the venue got involved and made some recommendations, so we ended up designing a [more modest] system that ensured there was minimal sound leakage into the hotel rooms above the second floor.”

Working in close cooperation with local install contractor Atkris, Walters and his team devised a system based around two of their most tried and trusted brands: Symetrix for processing, and Quest for loudspeakers and amplification. A single Symetrix Prism 12×12 (12in, 12 out) unit handles audio processing and management for four zones – two indoor and two outdoor – across two floors. Both floors have the capacity to host DJ sets as well as replay background music throughout the hours of operation.

“We knew we needed a large amount of DSP to handle all the processing requirements; there are a lot of delays in the configuration,” explains Walters. “Symetrix is a brand we have specified successfully for a wide range of venues, and we were confident that it would offer the required number of outputs in a cost-efficient form factor.”

The latest addition to the Symetrix line of Dante-enabled DSPs, Prism is designed to suit applications requiring powerful, advanced signal processing coupled with an industry standard network audio interface. It features the same high-end analogue and digital design found in top-of-the-line Symetrix DSPs – making it possible to achieve state of the art processing at unprecedented price points.

Walters reports that the club’s owners are so pleased with the system that Fuzion Far East has been asked to expand the speaker system on the second level to give it additional dancefloor impact. “Several of the DJs have told us how much they love the audio system,” he concludes. “Once again the Prism processor has proven its reliability and robustness, and is clearly the ideal choice for this job.”