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Symetrix Radius Makes Music Sound Great at New York Beer Company

New York, NY – Located in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen near Times Square, The New York Beer Company is a popular after-work and evening hot spot for food, drink, and fun. Open from 11 a.m. until 4 a.m. in the City That Never Sleeps, it boasts 27 video screens; offers a full bar with seasonally fresh cocktails, spirits, and more than 100 beers; and serves an assortment of pub food, pizzas, burgers, and vegan and vegetarian dishes and can be booked for private parties of up to 300 guests.

Recently the venue decided to redesign and to add live music on Monday and Saturday nights. The existing sound system was mostly of good quality but, reports Richard Trombitas, of manufacturer representative Cardone, Solomon & Associates, “the digital signal processor didn’t have the dynamic range that was going to be required for live music.” After consulting with Cardone, Solomon & Associates, contractor Starview Satellite Corp. replaced the old processor with a Symetrix Radius 12×8 EX.

“The New York Beer Company is a multizone venue,” details Trombitas. “There’s a main bar area, which is fairly extensive-over 40 feet long-and encompasses a parallel dining area. There’s an area that is used for private parties and individual events, and there’s a separate dining area that looks out on 44th Street.” The Symetrix Radius 12×8 , he notes, makes it easy to manage the various zones, routing and processing audio and setting levels as needed.
Symetrix Radius DSPs offer 128 (64×64) Dante channels for ultra-reliable multi-channel audio networking over IP. The Radius 12×8 EX model installed at the New York Beer Company sports 12 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs, and more analog I/O can be added using expansion cards. Radius’ embedded web server displays I/O levels and diagnostics data. These features made it an excellent choice for the venue’s Dante-enabled system. As part of the upgrade, Trombitas notes, “An Ashly digiMIX digital mixing console with a Dante output bus was installed; all the live music feeds digitally to the Symetrix processor.” Starview Satellite also provided a Crestron touch screen for system control.

As important as the Radius’ routing, processing, Dante connectivity, and ease of programming are, it’s the sound quality that really grabs people’s attention at the New York Beer Company. “The incorporation of the new Symetrix Radius 12×8 EX for signal processing improved an already good sound system that was in place,” Trombitas observes. “Many people thought more of the sound system had been replaced or upgraded, when in fact the only change was the addition of the Symetrix Radius.”