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Symetrix Releases Major Composer® Update

Seattle, WA, October 5, 2023— Symetrix, Inc. announced that the newest version of its
award-winning Composer ® software is available to download from the company’s web site.

“Composer has always been the standard bearer for professional AV site design,” said Ted Wolfe, Symetrix Chief Technology Officer. “I’m excited for people to use version 8.5 because it adds new capabilities and enhances existing features.”

Composer 8.5 adds support for the new xIO XLR-series, the new T-7 Glass touchscreen, and the new Symetrix AV-Ops Center. In addition to supporting the latest devices and services, Composer 8.5 can streamline workflows for designers and integrators.

“The community of Composer users sent us some great suggestions after the last release,” said Benjamin Olswang, Vice President of Engineering. “We really value their insights and have implemented a number of improvements based on the feedback we received.”

Among the user-suggestions included is the ability for a control value to be updated in multiple presets at once. This will reduce the design time for systems of all sizes, and especially larger, complex projects.

“We’ve also added features including control alignment, transparent faders, and smart selection of multiple controls,” Ted said. “These may sound more pedestrian to the
lay person, but to integrators pushing the limits with custom Control Screen designs, they make a lot of difference.”

The new release adds dynamic menu functionality to Symetrix W-Series remote controls.

“We kept hearing how much people liked the multi-language support and bright screens,” Ben said. “Now dynamic menus give designers more flexibility, and end-users a simple approach for system management using hardware they already have.”

A complete list of changes and improvements is posted on the Symetrix website.

“With so many tweaks this time, I’d encourage everyone to read the complete release notes,” Ben said. “This is truly one of the largest releases we’ve had in years.”

Composer 8.5 is available without cost and is compatible with Symetrix Prism, Radius, and Edge DSPs. To learn more and download the software visit

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