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Symetrix Remote Monitoring and Management for Pro AV Successfully Completes Beta Testing

Seattle, WA, January 30, 2024 — Symetrix, Inc. announced that AV-Ops Center, its new remote monitoring and management tool, has successfully completed beta testing and is available in general release for professional audio-video installations.

“After extensive testing and lots of feedback we are confident that AV-Ops Center will meet and exceed expectations for performance, reliability, and value,” said Benjamin Olswang, Vice President of Engineering.

AV-Ops Center receives telemetry from system components and provides real-time metrics via a browser-based dashboard. The system can also send commands to devices to optimize performance or troubleshoot.

“All of AV-Ops Center’s existing functionality will be provided without additional fees by Symetrix to anyone using our Composer-based processors and controllers,” Benjamin said. “We are developing a premium tier that will expand its applications for advanced users, but the current offering will support plenty of use cases as is.”

With the core functionality in place, integrators and AV contractors around the world are encouraged to adopt this enterprise-level solution and to expand their offerings.

“We know that every integrator can benefit from recurring revenue streams,” said Tylene Hawley, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We are excited to offer this tightly integrated SaaS service with our legendary hardware to help our customers grow their business and increase profitability.”

Authorized technicians can review system performance and assign resources based on real-time data to solve problems. Push notifications and integrations with popular messaging platforms like Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Google Chat, help technicians open and close tickets faster, and at lower cost.

“Our goal was to combine the best cloud-based infrastructure with Symetrix’s deep expertise in networked audio,” said Mark Graham, Owner and CEO. “We’re giving customers a turn-key solution they can adopt without heavy investments in time and training.”

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