Processing and Control for Professional AV Installations

Symetrix Shines at World-Class Fuzhou Strait Culture and Art Centre

Fuzhou, China – One of the world’s fastest-growing cities, Fuzhou is the capital of China’s Fujian province. The design of the city’s spectacular new Fuzhou Strait Culture and Art Centre, by Finnish architecture master Pekka Salminen of PES-Architects, was inspired by the five petals of a jasmine blossom, the city flower of Fuzhou. Each “petal” […]

Alphabet City and Symetrix Empower Exiled Creatives

Pittsburgh, PA – Cities of Asylum began with European cities providing temporary support for endangered writers in exile. Inspired by author Salman Rushdie, famously persecuted for writing The Satanic Verses, Pittsburgh artist Diane Samuels and husband Henry Reese founded a City of Asylum chapter on Pittsburgh’s North Side that is fast becoming a local center […]

Symetrix Brings Studio-quality Dante DSP to Groundbreaking Expo Milano Pavilion

Milan, Italy – In such a complex installation, “we knew that SymNet Radius DSPs would be reliable and flexible – in short, one less thing for us to worry about!” These are the thoughts of Steve Haas, President and Principal Consultant of Milford, CT-based SH Acoustics, which was recently enlisted by NYC-based exhibition design firm Thinc […]