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Symetrix is proud to announce that Tylene “Ty” Robinson has been promoted to Director of Sales and Marketing, unifying the Symetrix marketing team with the global salesforce to amplify the brand’s reach.

“Over the last 18 months, Ty has been a driving force within the Symetrix team, and a significant contributor to Symetrix’s growth and success,” stated Mark Graham, Symetrix CEO and owner. “As we move further into Symetrix’s 2.0 evolution and our strategy continues to grow in scope and complexity, unifying sales and marketing under Ty’s leadership will strongly contribute to our continued growth and momentum.”

Ty’s natural ability for process excellence and passion for building relationships makes her an invaluable asset to the Symetrix team. With a strong background in web design and digital marketing, her transition to this new role will allow her to lead the brand by supporting and empowering the marketing team in unison with the Symetrix global salesforce.

“I have a unique opportunity to amplify my passion for people and unlock every element in the equation of transformative growth,” said Robinson. “My professional background along with my continued education centering on business operations and digital marketing enables me to lead these teams to execute at high-performance levels.”

Whether guiding the team in promoting new products or creating a platform to listen to and project the voice of Symetrix’s talented sales partners into the market — Ty’s unique background, drive, and passion for people will continue to positively impact everyone on the Symetrix team from internal associate to end user.