Processing and Control for Professional AV Installations

#Symfamily, Infocomm was a total success. Guys, we nailed it! We had the best booth, products, and team on the show floor. We even won another best-in-show award to prove it. We had an absolute blast and want to thank everyone attending the show for supporting Symetrix and those who acted with us in unison (from near and far) to get this important product announced to the world. It’s safe to say, this is a game changer and the feedback at the show proved it.

If you haven’t done any marketing yet; what are you waiting for? If you have sent a press release to your local contacts, an email, and social media announcements, kudos! But don’t stop there. People need to hear the same message over and over. Don’t forget we are here to support you. We have many resources already created for you, including new pitch deck slides.

I challenge you to set goals and a strategy for the rest of the year. Your plan should include hosting regional trainings and be heavily focused on influencing the consultants in your region. Symetrix Regional Sales Managers will meet with our US partners to discuss their second-half strategies in the coming weeks. I will follow up with our key distribution partners to discuss their second-half strategies.

These are exciting times! We are thrilled to be on this journey together.

Let’s go team!