Using the SymNet Composer Radius 12×8 to Radius EX Migration Feature

Josh Carter

Josh Carter

Symetrix Technical Support Engineer

Document: 2015-01
First published: January 2015

Using the SymNet Composer 3.0 Radius 12×8 to Radius EX Migration Feature With the release of the Radius EX and the discontinuation of the Radius 12×8, it may be desired to convert a Radius 12×8 Composer site file into an equivalent Radius 12×8 EX Composer site file. To be truly useful, this conversion process would need to preserve all the previous programming, such as control assignments, presets, preset scheduling, Dante routing, etc. Thankfully the new Radius 12×8 to Radius 12×8 EX migration feature in SymNet Composer 3.0 does just that, and in only a few clicks of the mouse. To convert a Radius 12×8 Composer site file into a Radius 12×8 EX Composer site file, simply follow these steps:

1) Open any SymNet site file in Composer 3.0 software or any later release.

2) Right click the Radius 12×8 icon on the site view and click on the “Change Unit Type to Radius 12×8 EX” option. (As shown below in red)

3) Click yes when prompted, then click OK. The selected Radius 12×8 will now be a Radius 12×8 EX.

4) Next, double click on the Radius 12×8 EX or right click and chose Open to enter the design view.

5) Check the input wiring to insure that all 12 inputs have the required connections, as the Input 5-8 will most likely need to be adjusted
after the conversion. All other settings present in the Radius 12×8 prior to the conversion should be preserved.

6) Save the file when completed.
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