House of Worship Solutions

The Heart of the Worship Solution

Clearly delivering the message to every listener is critical for a House of Worship system. The uncompromising attention to audio quality found in Symetrix products ensures that each listener experiences the full impact of every word, every note, and every message. Making systems quick and easy to control requires an understanding of what the user wants to do as well as how they want to do it. Symetrix delivers on that understanding with user control from wall stations, wireless tablets, or mobile phones so the user can interact with the system in the way that’s most convenient to them.

Connecting Great Spaces

House of Worship Setup Diagram
House of Worship Setup Diagram

Boston’s Cathedral of the Holy Cross

Boston, Massachussets

“The Radius NX provides a great deal of flexibility in terms of processing, especially with the Super Matrix, which is processed on its own SHARC chip, We also have the ability to do logic inputs and outputs, which is handy for switching things on and off in the processing rack.”

– Evan Landry, President & CTO, Landry Audio

Leveraging Powerful Tools for Simple Operation
  • T Series TouchscreensTouchscreens

    Symetrix touchscreens are ideal anywhere users need to control audio sources and levels.

  • PrismPrism

    Easy expansion of networked audio and 3rd party video

  • W Series RemotesW Series Remotes

    IP and PoE based controllers giving simple and easy end-user control

  • Radius NXRadius NX

    Superior control over Dante networking: modular I/O, onboard USB for audio playback and capture


    Virtual User Interface for Symetrix DSPs

  • Control ServerControl Server

    Simple, web-based system control using Symetrix’s Composer software

Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch

Tumalo, Oregon

“One reason we really like Symetrix DSPs is that they’re easy to program; you don’t have to jump through a lot of hoops to log in and get moving.”

– Tony Sprando, Senior AV Designer, Audio Visual Bend

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