Processing and Control for Professional AV Installations


  • ARC-Series Controllers

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  • AV-Ops Center

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  • Composer

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  • Control Screens & SymVue

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  • Control Server

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  • Edge DSP

    Edge DSP General Edge DSP How is the RS-232 port on Edge used? RS-232 is a standardized protocol for serial…

  • FAQ: xIO Expanders – xIO Bluetooth

    xIO Bluetooth xIO General xIO Expanders - xIO Bluetooth Updating Symetrix Bluetooth Endpoint Firmware from 8.5.2 to 8.5.3 and beyond…

  • General FAQ

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  • I/O Expansion Cards – 4 Channel Analog Input or Output Cards

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  • I/O Expansion Cards – 4 Channel Digital Input or Output Cards

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  • Jupiter

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  • Networked Audio

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  • Prism

    Prism DSP General Prism How many Dante channels does Prism support? Prism supports 64×64 Dante channels just like Edge and…

  • Radius NX

    Radius NX DSP General Radius NX Is Radius NX Microsoft Teams Certified? Symetrix is a Microsoft Partner*. Symetrix products are…

  • Server D100

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  • T-Series Touchscreens

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  • W-Series Controllers

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  • xIO Expanders – xIn 4, xOut 4, xIO 4×4

    xIO Expanders xIn 4, xOut 4, xIO 4x4 xIO General xIO Expanders – xIn 4, xOut 4, xIO 4×4 How…

  • xIO Expanders xOut 12 xln 12

    xIO Expanders xOut 12 and xIn 12 xIO General xIO Expanders - xOut 12 and xln 12 Can the xOut…

  • xIO XLR-Series FAQ

    xIO XLR xIO General xIO XLR-Series What are the xIO XLR properties? All xIO XLR devices have three device specific…

  • Zone Mix 761

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